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Andrex Natural Pebble Toilet Paper 4pk


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Feel Clean. Feel Confident. Famously soft rolls. 4 Toilet tissue rolls, 241 sheets per roll, 2 ply. Change what you mean by clean today with Andrex Washlets. Use one or two flushable wipes alongside your regular Andrex paper to feel really clean and fresh. “I feel as clean as a shiny diamond” It’s funny how kids can express the feeling of Andrex clean so much more freely than adults. As we get older the subject just seems awkward. Being clean is fundamentally important to our wellbeing – both physically and emotionally. Andrex wants everyone to feel as clean as possible, because feeling clean means feeling confident. Andrex has been expertly cleaning Britain’s bottoms for 72 years, so rather than avoiding the subject we’re starting the discussion. We’re going to talk about clean bottoms more openly and how our products help you feel clean and confident. If you think about it, why wouldn’t we? It’s what we do, and we do it really well. Andrex. Feel clean, feel confident. ue.