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BAKERS ADULT Chicken & Vegetables 1kg

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100% complete & nutritionally balanced. With a prebiotic to help support healthy digestion. Antioxidants to help support healthy immune system. With added protein to help support muscle strength. Vitamin D & minerals for healthy teeth & strong bones. With fibre from whole grains to help support healthy digestion. Vitamin A & zinc to help support healthy skin & coat. No added artificial colours, flavours & preservatives. BAKERS(R) ADULT has a new, improved recipe that is now rich in chicken, with more variety of wholesome wholegrains & country vegetables for quality, tasty goodness. And don’t worry, our recipe is still made with the same amazing taste that our BAKERS dogs know & love to gobble up! This recipe has been created with the perfect nutritional balance for your adult dog & contains the every day nutrients he needs to get on with all the playful & cheeky things that happy & healthy BAKERS® dogs love to get up to! BAKERS new improved recipe, so that your dog can enjoy the perfect balance of taste & goodness in every bowl, every day!


  • Cereals (Wholegrains 55%*),
  • Meat and Animal Derivatives (15%**),
  • Derivatives of Vegetable Origin,
  • Oils and Fats,
  • Vegetable Protein Extracts,
  • Glycerol,
  • Vegetables*** (0.3% Dried Pea and 0.3% Dried Carrot),
  • Minerals,
  • Propylene Glycol,
  • * Including min. 4% Wheat and 4% Maize,
  • ** Equivalent to 30% Rehydrated Meat and Animal Derivatives, with min. 14% Chicken,
    *** Equivalent to 4% Rehydrated Vegetables

Prepare and Use

Daily Feeding Guidelines in grams per day Size of Dog: Toy Dog, Dog body weight (kg): 1 – 5, Daily Feed (g/day): 40 – 120g Size of Dog: Small Dog, Dog body weight (kg): 5 – 10, Daily Feed (g/day): 120 – 190g Size of Dog: Medium, Dog body weight (kg): 10 – 25, Daily Feed (g/day): 190 – 350g Size of Dog: Large, Dog body weight (kg): 25 – 45, Daily Feed (g/day): 350 – 520g Size of Dog: Giant, Dog body weight (kg): 45 – 70, Daily Feed (g/day): 520 – 700g 1 = 100g One half pint mug holds approx. 100g of Bakers® Adult. To help keep your dog in an optimal body condition, adjust according to your dog’s activity level, physical condition and individual needs. Clean, fresh drinking water should always be available.